Charlotte has a rich history of hauntings. We have selected the finest, most entertaining, and spookiest stories to show you. 


After you take our standard tour, you will know the following: 


  • Where Amos and the church silver are buried. 
  • Which lift shaft created a ghost for a hotel.
  • Which movable house took its ghost with it.
  • What restaurant might also serve a ghost in your soup 


After taking our extended tour, you will also know: 

  • Who won the battle of Charlotte?
  • Where the little girl should have stayed buried.
  • Where to get a good pint of Guinness and have a ghost teach you the ABCs.


Charlotte has drawn fascinating people ever since Thomas Polk built the first house in Charlotte at the intersection of Trade and Tryon streets, also known as Independence Square. 


We’ve researched the best stories within walking distance of the famous Independence Square. They all feature verified accounts of hauntings, and the history is straight out of the archives at City Hall. 

From the War of Independence to the Civil War, Charlotte has been front and center in American history. The highs of a gold rush and the great depression’s lows all left their spiritual traces on this city of the New South. 


Join us on our evening tour around Charlotte’s Uptown neighborhood. You will hear about the city’s founding fathers and the ghost that plays tricks on today’s guests at the Dunhill Hotel. Our tour offers a slice through all the layers of history that are in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


We don’t want to give away all the stops on our standard and extended tours, but below are just a few of the 8 or 12 locations we will visit on your tour. We also found some places that are most definitely haunted during the research for this tour, but they are just too far away to walk to comfortably. We have added them to our blog, where we will share the fascinating stories that prove Charlotte is a magnet for the supernatural and the haunted. 


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Mc Ninch House

This classic Victorian-era Queen Anne house, with shingles on the second story and clapboards on the first, a wrap-around veranda and bay windows, is a restaurant today. The second floor hosts the last remaining member of the McNinch dynasty who can be seen in the front window above the diners entering below to taste Southern cuisine with a modern twist.

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McGlohon Theatre

This fantastic theatre is named after Jazz Pianist, composer and star of Radio Show ‘American Popular Song’ Loonis McGlohon. The theatre is incredibly atmospheric, with stained windows on both sides of the auditorium. It also holds ghosts from its former life as a church; hymns are heard when no one is around. Ghosts of the stage also put in regular unscheduled performances! 

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Battle of Charlotte - Extended tour exclusive

Described by the losing side as a ‘trifling skirmish’ the battle of Charlotte gave the forces of the British General Lord Cornwallis second thoughts that their push northwards would be an easy one. The militiamen gave fight from underneath an elevated Church right in the middle of Trade and Tryon streets. Brave men were killed that day, and their ghosts live on.