Our Charlotte Ghosts group tours give larger groups their own VIP tour according to their needs and wishes. Whether it’s ghost enthusiasts and history buffs looking for a more intimate, private, and interactive experience or a ghost-themed office celebration, we can easily accommodate your group activity in Charlotte.


Unlike our standard tour, private groups are led by a tour guide that is focused on your group, and only your group. Our ability to make a tour just for you allows for an experience tailored to your group’s unique needs, personalities, or interests.


Curious types can ask their guide as many questions as desired without feeling self-conscious. Photography enthusiasts can take the time to pause at each tour stop and snap photos to their hearts’ content. Younger children can enjoy a delightfully spooky tour that is scary—but not too scary.


Suffice it to say: our tours can accommodate virtually any event, age, or group size. A ghost tour would make a fantastic birthday party or a retirement celebration.


We can host groups for field trips, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Halloween, graduation celebrations, corporate team building, family reunions, professional networking, clubs, conferences, anniversaries, conventions, girls’/guys’ night out, family vacations, sports teams, wedding festivities… or just because!


With our private Charlotte Ghosts tour, even regular nights can become unforgettable memories, and special occasions are that much more special. Booking a group tour with Charlotte Ghosts means you get an outing that is fun, historical, entertaining, haunted, and unlike the average group activity.


Enjoy the unexpected, and embrace the unexplainable. Contact us today for more details on creating your private tour experience.