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Queen City Ghosts Blog


The Haunted McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte

Posted on July 19, 2024
Charlotte, NC, is a thriving cultural hub with a rich history that dates back to before the Revolutionary War. Known as the Queen City, it is a favorite destination for those seeking to experience the...

The Haunted First Presbyterian Church of Charlotte

Posted on July 19, 2024
It’s a scene out of a horror movie. The foreboding gothic church, its timeless spire cutting into the contemporary city skyline, casts an ominous shadow over nearby cemetery grounds. Old headstones ...

The Haunted Carolina Inn

Posted on June 22, 2024
More than 200 years ago, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill opened its doors to students hoping to further their education. More than 130 years later, a new fixture was added to the campu...